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Club Crest

Coolmeen GAA
The first official Coolmeen GAA club crest, designed by Joe Corry, Enda Haugh and Kevin Corry, incorporates the history and proud memories of the club with a motive that is very evident within this small West Clare parish. “Ní neart go cur le chéile” sums up not only our sporting tradition, but everyday life in Coolmeen and Cranny. When we come together, brilliant things can be done.
The crest is broken into 3 panels. The top left panel depicts the shape of our parish on a light silver background. The strength of the club relies heavily on the unity and togetherness of our parish. This panel symbolizes our unity.
The top right panel tells the story of our history. Coolmeen GAA was established in 1887 and to date has captured 2 senior county football championships, represented by the 2 golden stars. As Gaelic football is the predominant sport of the club, it was appropriate to have a football in this panel. These items lay on an amber background.
The bottom panel holds a representation of an old GAA emblem in gold. This is sitting on a black background.
Above the crest, in a scroll, are the words “Ní neart go cur le chéile”. This translates to “there is no strength without unity”. It is a motto the club has lived by and succeeded with. Below the crest are the words “C.l.g. Cúil Mín” which translates to Coolmeen GAA.